Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Portfolio] Shangri-La

I recently completed a design job for a client in the Shangri-La Residences. It was a capsule commission for permanent upgrades consisting of colour selections, light fixtures, and some custom millwork in the hallway.

The unit started out in the customary builder basic beige with a severe visual imbalance because of the floor-to-ceiling dark cabinets on the far wall of the open-concept main space. A colour for the fireplace surround was pulled from the marble to not only give weight to that side of the room and add balance but also to accentuate the unique bulkhead geometry.

A matte black quad halogen fixture with installed over the fireplace. The clean lines and colour echo the fireplace design and draw the eye up to the high ceilings.

A custom chandelier illuminates the dining area.

To keep with the modern lines of this condo I chose a minimal, clean moulding profile and jettisoned the center chair rail found in traditional panel moulding altogether. The panels were then configured so that the negative space between the top and bottom frames works in its place.

View from first corner.

View of first corridor.

This glass cylinder chandelier is a one-of-a-kind custom piece that was fabricated by modifying and combining two store-bought fixtures.

Some Before and Afters: