Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Tortuous Veil

While in NY, Sarah and I spent Sunday with our friend, Russ, in Williamsburg. His girlfriend, Erin, owns a beautiful boutique there called Sodafine which specializes in handmade and vintage clothing. It was there that I came across The Tortuous Veil/Sketchbook by artist Jessie Rose Vala. As always, I had hoped that on our excursion I would find but one treasure. On our last day before heading home, here it was.

The Rising Dawn, 2007, Graphite on Paper, 60" x 71"

The Changeling Sorcerer, 2007, Graphite on Paper, 41" x 60"

We Deserve to Know the Light, 2007, Graphite on Paper, 60" x 69"

You can purchase The Tortuous Veil/Sketchbook from Jessie's website for $30 PPD.

Monday, April 12, 2010

[Portfolio] Alice Was Here

Late last year I had the chance to work on my friend Fay Eagles' short film, Alice Was Here. It will be making its big screen debut as part of the Ryerson University Film Festival which takes place this year at the Royal Cinema, May 14-16. Please come out to see some of the great new work being created by the next generation of Canadian filmmakers. You can check out the official schedule here.

One of the style boards I did for wardrobe.

On set at the studio.

If You Are A Ghost, I'll Call Your Name.

Too Late - M83

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sarah was in New York for a conference last week so we decided I should meet her there in order to bank some much needed best friend quality time. Archival documentation as follows: