Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[Portfolio] Members Only

Some images from the very first shoot I styled for Geoffrey Knott last summer that I never got around to posting:

It was on location at an outdoor tennis club, very late, after dark. It got really cold and I recall feeling bad for our model who was changing in and out of an assortment of thin tops and short skirts. I don't remember her name but I do remember that she was a very good sport.

Somehow the park lights had either all burnt out or had been turned off. There might have been a curfew on account of the coyotes. The courts were right next to a playground and at one point, in between look changes, Sian, the makeup artist, and I stumbled around in the pitch to find the see-saw and some goofy fiberglass anthropomorphized animals on big springs that rock back and forth and all around.

Sian, atop a duck in a bowtie, slipped and got a Ked full of sand. Perched on the footholds of a frog in a top hat, I almost turned my ankle while attempting a mock showy dismount. We marveled at how bright the stars were without any man-made competition to drown them out or steal their thunder.

It was a good night and I remember it fondly. I haven't been on a see-saw since.