Friday, July 15, 2011

[Portfolio] Canyon Residence, Library

A custom full height built-in was installed on the north wall to create ample storage and trimmed to match the existing baseboards.

Five separate shelving units were custom fitted to the space and capped out with a false wall.

Trim moulding detail was installed on the front edge of where the units meet to conceal the seam and also create a more tailored look.

The client's love of old maps was the inspiration for the custom artwork. To create something of significance and meaning with a connection to the home, a trip was made to the local land registry office where a copy of the original land survey of the property and entire surrounding settlement was obtained. The survey map was accordian folded and “aged”, then divided into six segments and framed. The client’s lot can be seen in the bottom left-hand corner of the middle pane, top row.

Monday, July 4, 2011

[Portfolio] Canyon Residence, Living Room

Floor-to-ceiling custom millwork was installed throughout the living room to create a dramatic first impression. The diamond-tufted bench and bolsters upholstered in blue-grey silk were also custom-made for the space.

Custom chair rail and panel moulding was also installed on the lower half of the vestibule walls to define the area.